Tibet Does Not Exist

  First performed in 1995, 'Tibet' was most recently performed in New York in 2009. Below is some press reaction to Nicu's Spoon 2009 production --

"Consistently fascinating, Exist brilliantly portrays the pettiness and political correctness of academia, while leaving audiences with much to ponder on a philosophical level. It is also a timely, but not at all didactic reminder that Tibet does indeed still exist, though many in power would probably prefer we forgot it. A smart play, tightly produced by Nicu’s Spoon..." —Joe Bendel, ‘JB Spins’

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"Startlingly prescient…Thompson touches on a number of fundamental questions about humanity in his play, along with many pertinent contemporary concerns from the Internet to capitalism to the state of academia."
—Martin Denton – ‘nytheater.com’

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"While there are plenty of laughs in TIBET DOES NOT EXIST, Thompson’s tragic story is of a country that in reality no longer exists. He makes a compelling argument that the state of mind of Tibet lives on and in fact, in these troubling times, is being called upon more and more. Somehow he has taken a political and historical debate and managed to make it timely, captivating, and informative."
— Laurie Lawson, ‘Electronic Link Journey’

Additional news and reaction:

"Pamela Butler directs Don Thompson’s activist comedy about an exiled Tibetan Lama who envelops his American host in a saffron robe of irreverence and political enlightenment."
— Time Out, New York

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"A provocative play melding East & West, it speaks to the current situation in Tibet as well as a need for a greater humor, awareness and personal responsibility in a world of ever-changing values." — Theater Development Fund

"TIBET DOES NOT EXIST explores some very loaded issues surrounding international policy and religious tolerance... well-scripted, well-balanced, and overall Zen-like..." 
—  New Theater Corps

"Insightful expositions on the relationships among economics, philosophy, religions, the nature of being, of beauty, of academe versus the internet, of young versus old, of true worth, of true identity, of pettiness and nobility, of, in short, practically everything and, yes, of nothingness." — TheaterScene.net

"A thought-provoking, politically charged piece, TIBET DOES NOT EXIST is definitely worth seeing. Targeting the ‘philosopher within,’ the play offers a smart and often humorous debate between the ideals of Eastern and Western culture and society."
— Online review – ‘NYC.com’

Press from previous productions:

"Stands the modern Western world on its head... SO FUNNY that it is surprising… the playwright’s reticence works: Tibet is very much on your mind as you leave."
— New York Times, October 1997

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"Well-mixed blend of drawing room comedy and debate… deserves to reach as wide an audience as possible… [a] POWERFUL metaphor of Tibet as a state of mind that speaks to our own life values." — CurtainUp, September 1997

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"An animated TOUR DE FORCE!" — Davida Singer, Villager, December 1996

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